Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rise from your grave!

Yes, I'm alive! Sort of. Hopefully there will be more Sega Genesis reviews in this space in the near future. I've been suffering through some major medical problems including a few very serious surgeries so I wasn't able to put as much effort into this blog as I originally intended.

Fear not though, for my love of Sega's magical 16-bit joy-machine has not faded during my time of suffering and I still want to share with the world my opinions on some of the system's obscure titles. Updates may be a bit infrequent as I continue to recover from my health concerns so please try to bare with me.

On a side note I updated the links to my last two reviews so they aim towards the proper pages on the new Sega-16 site. Other than that, keep on blast processing and I'll see you soon!

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